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Awarded "Best Actress" at the New York Tri-State Film Festival for "Goodnight and Goodbye"

Nominated for "Hottest Up and Coming Actress" "Best Supporting Actress" at the I See You Awards.

Awarded "Honorable Mention: Actress" for "Goodnight and Goodbye"  at the Top Shorts Film Festival

Nominated for Best Acting Duo with Mason Heidger in the Indie Short Fest of the Los Angeles International Film Festival

Nominated for Best Actress in the Detroit Filmmakers Awards

“Yet, the film's co-leading performances are both convincing. Callie Bussell gives all the right vulnerability and wariness to Sara, who seems determined not to give Jacob too much of her emotional investment yet who also can't deny she maintains a sense of caring for the guy. Heidger leaves an impact in a difficult role, essentially portraying Jacob earnestly and honestly despite a certain inherent self-absorption that really only reinforces the past." 

- The Independent Critic

Recently nominated within the Indie Short Fest's February competition for "Best Acting Duo," Bussell and Heidger are easily the two best reasons to sit down and watch this film.

Chances are, you won’t be letting go of the emotions or lessons from “Ever After” anytime soon. The short’s message will likely sit with viewers for a while. The film’s universal lessons on life, love, loss, regret, and moving on will always ring true — ever after.

- The Palm Reader

"Around that time we brought Callie on board as Maria. She was always the first choice for the role. I had seen her in Star Trek: Horizon and many of Tommy’s other films and knew she would be perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better partners! We worked together so well on set and I hope to collaborate with them many more times in the future!" 

- Interview with Director, Harrison Heller

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